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Offerings are organized primarily by Collections of the same message, whether by words or design, each with a variety of T-shirts, Face Masks, Tank Tops & Hoodies. There also also Collections by garment: Tees, Tanks, etc. The Face Mask collection will have some masks by messages not covered in another Collection. Most clothing ships to you in 2 to 3 business days and takes 2-5 days to get to you. If your order has 3 garments or more you get a free upgrade to Priority Mail! Face masks ship in 3-4 business days and take 2-5 days. Shipping is tracked, secure and inexpensive. You can read the details at the end of this page.

Trump Went to Washington—and all I got was this lousy body bag.
Americans in Jeopardy:
Dr. Fauci is One of Us
Dr. Fauci: Beam me up, Scotty. There's no intelligent life in this White House.
Grab Him by the Ballot Box — 4 exclusive designs! — T-shirts, Face Masks, Tank Tops and Hoodies
I don't believe in HELL. I hope I'm wrong. TRUMP
Drained the Swamp. Made it a Cesspool.
It's The Mad House, Not The White House!
Tank Tops

T-shirts with just lettering start at $19.95. Ones with graphics start at $24.95. We have more Tees, plus Tank Tops and Hoodies priced from $24.95. All Face Masks are $14.95.

Most orders ship in 2-5 business days by 1st Class or Priority Mail from Orange County, Calif. We have not seen slow 1st Class delivery like some have.

Clothing S&H is $6.95 per order. Orders of 3 or more get a free Priority Mail upgrade! Face Mask S&H is $3.95 per order by 1st Class Mail or $7.95 by Priority Mail.